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Campus Cleanup Act

Getting Socialists, seditionists and those preventing free speech out of college campuses.


Universities used to be places of higher learning, enlightenment and open forums for discussing divergent views. Now they're hotbeds of Communism, Jihad, Jew Hatred and sedition.

While many universities won't allow Conservative speakers, they'll embrace radical groups like Students for Justice in Palestine – an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood. HAMAS is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, and a sister organization to SJP. Such groups provoke or commit violence on campus, the BDS movement against Israel and intimidate students who disagree.

We request legislation that will:

1. Eliminate tax exempt status for ANY organization suppressing free speech or acting against an ally

2. Cancel the Student VISA of any foreign student belonging to said organization 

3. Cancel the Student VISA of any foreign student stifling the free speech of others

4. Deport foreign students whose VISAs are rescinded for violating #2 or #3

5. Rescind tax exempt status for any university allowing the above behavior

6. Eliminate student loan funding for any colleges tolerating subversive organizations

7. Fire any faculty member - tenured or otherwise - promoting hate and sympathizing with terrorists

8. Restore patriotic learning on college campuses

The future of our country depends on teaching why America, a Constitutional Republic, is the greatest country on earth. Encouraging Socialism cannot be tolerated here.

To request legislation incorporating the above recommendations into legislation.

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