Terrorist Organization Affiliation Disclosure Act

Non-Profits Affiliated with Terrorist Organizations Must Disclose Affiliation or Face Penalties


This legislation will protect citizens by preventing organizations that may be affiliated with terrorist organizations from disseminating information, recruiting or proselytizing without disclosing their terrorist affiliations.

Summary of Provisions

Any organization or non-profit that was founded by, funded by or receives funding from, is connected to or affiliated with, supported by or is supporting - financially or otherwise - a terrorist organization, so labeled in any country, must disclose that affiliation in all communications, stationery, brochures, websites, public appearances, etc. This would also apply to terrorist organizations that are offshoots of the same parent organization.

Disclosures must appear in a clearly defined box and be in at least 12-point bold type. For Television appearances, however brief, the disclosure must occur both at the beginning and end of the appearance.

Failure to so disclose said connection would be punishable by fines of $2,500 daily for the first 30 days, $5,000 daily for the next 30 days and $10,000 daily after sixty days of non-disclosure. Such fines will be levied per omission or occurrence.

After 60 days of failing to correct non-compliant behavior the organization would lose non-profit status in  for said organization.

Budget Implications

There should be no costs associated with this bill other than enforcement efforts.